thedeckalposts asked:

My rather nasty freaky question is... why is it that most men don't have a problem sucking and swallowing a load out of my dick... but a lot of men are rather hesitant to lick and eat their OWN hot sticky loads out of my PUSSY??? I was trained by several Daddies... where they would SCREW, CHEW and FUCK my PUSSY and then slowly lick and eat their own loads out of my CUNT. It gets me so hot and nasty to feel a Daddy slowly eating his load out of my PUSSY!!!

hmmmm, well personally i wouldn’t be to eager to suck my own load (or any load) out of someone’s ass in fear that their ass might not be spotless. I can look past a little dirty helmet now and then, but i’m not interested in a mouth full of ass juice and lube. HOWEVER, if after using an ass for a while and its clear sailing I might be convinced to feltch it.